1001 Albums You Must Hear (and Blog about) Before You Die

My attempt to blog all of the entries from the book 1001 Albums to Hear Before You Die

505. Talk Talk Talk – The Psychedelic Furs

Brief Background: Talk Talk Talk is the second album by UK band The Psychedelic Furs. It was recorded during 1980 and 1981 and released in June of the later. The album features the original version of “Pretty in Pink” which would be rerecorded for the movie of the same name in 1986.

What I think: I really like most everything about this album. The sound of the record is great. The songs are overall very tight little punk/new wave/ post-punk nuggets that have a way of always ramping up the excitement and tension as they unfold. Richard Butler’s voice is, as always, unique and amazing. I also think it’s cool that they sneak a little bit of Blue Eyed Soul into most of the tracks with the saxophone parts.
For me, the album starts out perfect with “Pretty in Pink” (I think, I like this roughish version more than the rerecorded one), “Mr. Jones” and “No Tears” (the highlight of the album). The rest doesn’t really slack off from there, but it loses some of the clarity those first three tracks bring.

Do I agree or disagree with the writers as to this being an album you must listen to? I like it, let us keep it.

Rating (Out of 5) 4.5

Amazon Rating of Talk Talk Talk  4.3/5

Is this my first time hearing this album? No (119/497)

Amount that are new to me: 76%


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