1001 Albums You Must Hear (and Blog about) Before You Die

My attempt to blog all of the entries from the book 1001 Albums to Hear Before You Die

688. Honky Tonk Heroes – Waylon Jennings

Brief Background: Honky Tonk Heroes was recorded in Nashville, TN during 1973 and released in July of the same year. Almost all of the songs were either written or co-written by Billy Joe Shaver. The album was instrumental in the development of the Outlaw Country genre.

What I think:  This album doesn’t mess around, it’s ten songs and just over twenty seven minutes of road songs, regrets and the quest for redemption. Highlights in the songs are the title track, “Low Down Freedom”, “Omaha” and what may be my new favorite Country song “You Asked Me To”. I love the clean sound of the album with every instrument coming through so clearly especially the bass and drums. The one exception and really the only stumble on the album is the finally track “We Had it All” which is overly sappy with its oozing strings.

Do I agree or disagree with the writers as to this being an album you must listen to? Yes it should, it’s full of a wide range of emotions and has an immediate effect on the listener.

Rating (Out of 5): 4.5

Honky Tonk Heroes Amazon Review (Out of 5): 5

Is this my first time hearing this album? Yes (243/314)

Percentage of Albums that are new to me: 77%


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