1001 Albums You Must Hear (and Blog about) Before You Die

My attempt to blog all of the entries from the book 1001 Albums to Hear Before You Die

946. Kings of the Wild Frontier – Adam and The Ants

I’ve decided that if I need a break from going in the order of the book (chronological), I will open to a random album. That is the case here. Let’s hear it for the last nine or ten albums though! What a blast it has been to listen and write about most of them.

Brief Background: Kings of the Wild Frontier was recorded and released in 1980. It is actually the first listed album in 1001 albums… under the ’80’s. The album was number one in the UK and featured three top ten UK hits.

What I think: I didn’t know what to expect going into this album as I’ve never heard a proper Adam and the Ants song (“Goody Two Shoes” was on Adam Ants first solo album). It has a nice pop sensibility laid over a solid punkish rhythm section. And with the exception of “Don’t Be Square (Be There)” the album really isn’t what I would describe as new wave. Most of the songs have a “Wild Frontier”/pirate/barbarian vibe, but it doesn’t really become annoying or overwhelming. “Ants Invasion” has a goth/industrial/ Bowie vibe to it that was interesting to hear. Some of the songs (“Physical”) even have an almost metal guitar sound. I actually enjoyed the album more than I thought I would, but I would not listen to it again.

Do I agree or disagree with the writers as to this being an album you must listen to? This is a good album, but I don’t think it is great. The album was much better received in the UK, so somebody doing this blog from their point of view may think differently. To me, it’s competent, but not 1001 albums… worthy.


Rating (Out of 5): 2.5

Amazon Review (Out of 5):4.5

Is this my first time hearing this album? Yes (43/56)

Percentage of Albums that are new to me: 77%


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