1001 Albums You Must Hear (and Blog about) Before You Die

My attempt to blog all of the entries from the book 1001 Albums to Hear Before You Die

553. The Undertones – The Undertones

  Brief Background: The Undertones is the debut album by Irish band The Undertones. The original album was released in May 1979 without the two singles “Teenage Kicks” and “Get Over You” … Continue reading

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554. Risqué – Chic

Brief Background: Risqué is the third album from the band Chic. The album was recorded and released in 1979. What I think: I’ve seen the narrative a lot lately that the Disco backlash … Continue reading

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555. Unknown Pleasures – Joy Division

Brief Background: Unknown Pleasures is the debut album by the English band Joy Division. The album was recorded over three weekends in April of 1979 and released in June of the same … Continue reading

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556. Fear of Music – Talking Heads

Original album is tracks 1-11 Brief Background: Fear of Music is the third album by Talking Heads. After being demoed extensively, the album was recorded in two days during the Spring of … Continue reading

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557. Street Life – The Crusaders

Brief Background: Street Life is an album by L.A. band The Crusaders who had been around since the 1950’s. The album was recorded and released in 1979. What I think: I really wanted … Continue reading

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558. Live From the Witch Trials – The Fall

Original album is tracks 1-11 Brief Background: Live at the Witch Trials is the debut album by UK band The Fall. It was recorded in one day on December 15, 1976 and … Continue reading

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559. Reggatta de Blanc – The Police

Brief Background: Reggatta de Blanc is the second album by UK band The Police. It was recorded during the first half of 1979 and was released in October of the same year. … Continue reading

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560. Movie – Holger Czukay

Original album is tracks 1-4 Brief Background: Movie (or alternately Movies based on the specific release you have) is the second solo album by Holger Czukay who is best known for his work … Continue reading

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561. The B-52’s – The B-52’s

Brief Background: The B-52’s is the debut album by the Athens, Ga band of the same name. The album was recorded in ’78 and’79 and released in July of the latter. What I … Continue reading

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562. (GI) – Germs

Brief Background: (GI) is the only studio album by Los Angeles punk band Germs. It was produced by Joan Jett and was recorded and released in 1979. What I think: Of all of … Continue reading

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